A/C unit scheduled for HVAC service in McAllen

HVAC Service in McAllen: 7 Tips for Prepping Your Unit for the Holidays

Prevent system failure this holiday season by following these seven tips and getting an HVAC service in McAllen. It’s that time of the year when you rely on your heater the most, and your unit requires the most upkeep. When the cold air hits, your unit must work at its fullest capacity to keep your family home warm and cozy.

Replace Those Air Filters Pronto

Pay attention to replacing your air filter. It’s meant to be replaced every two to three months, depending on how big or small your filter is. Not replacing it can be detrimental to your entire system and your family’s health. An unclean or replaced filter can cause trouble like:

  • Spikes in energy bills
  • Permanent system damage
  • Impurities in your home
  • Having your unit work at half its capacity

Maintenance Ductwork Makes the Dream Work

Ductwork maintenance should be done yearly, as muck and grime can pile up and leave long-term damage, and just like not replacing your filter, not clearing out your duct can have you to breathe contaminated air.

Invest in a Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats are innovation at their finest. Save energy by allowing your thermostat to do all the work. Have your unit running at a neutral energy-saving capacity when you’re not home, and kick on at your desired temperature when you are. This one-time investment can help you waste less energy and significantly lower your electric bill.

Clear Your HVAC System

Clear anything around or in your unit that doesn’t belong. Dirt, sticks, leaves, grass, mud, or other items found outside can be found in or piled up by your unit. It is pivotal to keep your unit free of debris, as it may cause issues or damage.

Seal It Up

Retain hot or cold air in your home by caulking or sealing any home openings. Shutting a door or window may not be the only thing that needs to be closed in your home. Crevices, holes, cracks, slits, and any other outside air breaches must be properly sealed up. If left open, you could face a pricey electric bill.

Schedule a Routine Maintenance

Schedule your routine HVAC service in McAllen with valley trusted experts like Polar Air to help use preventative measures from possible system damage. We offer repairs and HVAC service in McAllen to ensure your unit runs safely for the colder months and the upcoming new year.

Call Polar Air for Your Holiday HVAC service in McAllen

We are by our phones, ready to answer your most challenging HVAC questions. Call us to schedule routine maintenance and keep the holiday cheer alive. It’s never been made easier with our 24/7 Scheduling system. Contact us today.

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