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7 HVAC Repairs in McAllen You May Need This New Year

Improving your home, or your business starts with the environment you create. Welcome every guest in a cool and comfortable building year-round with the reliable services with Polar Air. Not only do we offer 24/7 scheduling for maintenance and HVAC repairs in McAllen, but we also offer installations. Here are seven HVAC installations you may want to invest in the new year.

Standby Generator

A generator is the ideal backup power solution for residential homes and commercial businesses. In poor weather conditions, your electricity can go out for hours, if not days. Keep comfortable and calm until electricity starts with a reliable generator to power your home. 

Air Purification

One of most effective ways to disinfect the air in your home is to target allergies and asthma pollutants. Air purification is a process that can help rid against:

  • Mold
  • Bacteria
  • Mildew
  • Viruses
  • Chemicals


Dehumidification Systems

A dehumidification system, much like an air purifier, removes humidity within a building’s internal environment. It maintains the level of moisture, keeping the air clean. This system is strictly for light to heavy commercial use.

Water-Chilled System

A water system uses water instead of air to keep your home cool. The water absorbs any heat within the home and sends it outside. A chilled water system can help cool large areas or individual rooms. These systems are available for both residential homes and commercial businesses.

HVAC Zoning System

If your home has warm or cold spots, then your home may need to be appropriately zoned. Zoning can help you save money, as inconsistent temperatures can trigger your thermostat. 

Sheet Metal Duct and Wrap

This adhesive film can help protect the outside of your ducts while providing a cover working as thermal insulation composed of glass fibers. Conserve energy and control condensation. Poorly insulated or uninsulated ducts may be why your unit needs help with issues. Stop overworking your HVAC system and give it the hand it desperately needs by getting your ducts wrapped.

We Offer Financing for Residential and Commercial HVAC Repairs in McAllen

We believe no one should be turned away for not having the funds to be able to repair or replace their unit. We offer financing and various promotions to help make our services affordable.

Schedule HVAC Repairs in McAllen for the New Year

Start your new year without stress and worries. Be ready for all the twists and turns 2023’s weather may have. Make sure you and your unit can handle anything that comes it is a way. Call or click to request an appointment for HVAC repairs in McAllen today.

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