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1 Major Difference Between HVAC and Air Conditioning in McAllen

Do you know the key differences between HVAC and air conditioning in McAllen? Not only do we provide top-certified workmanship on every HVAC and AC repair, but we inspect, and guide you on the best cooling maintenance for your property. 

When your air conditioning in McAllen goes out, you probably called HVAC and AC technicians, but did you get AC repair that lasted years? Polar Air is the difference. 

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Difference Between an HVAC and Air Conditioning in McAllen?

There is one major difference between the two, an Air conditioning system only provides cooling, and an HVAC system supports heating and cooling in one. 

  • HVAC, or rather, a Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning system powers your home’s central air, ventilation, and heating. This system also aids against air pollution and feeds clean, breathable fresh air for residential and commercial properties. 
  • An air conditioning unit is a component of the entire HVAC system which runs the air conditioner. AC units can be bought as an entire system but lack other fragments like heating making them valuable for only producing cold air when wanted.

Is HVAC Better or Air Conditioning in McAllen?

You may think you don’t need heating the Rio Grande Valley, but when spontaneous freezes happen, it’s best to be prepared. We offer financing that AC and HVAC purchases affordable. If you’re still unsure, here are some variances:

  • Unlike AC, HVAC units can do more, like ventilating used air and heating homes. Theirs a variety of more options to choose from when cooling or heating your commercial or residential building.
  • Air Conditioning does not circulate used air, instead, it brings air from the outside, rids the heat of it, and rushes it inside the room or home. The air gets blown inside to provide cold or cool air.
  • Air conditioning is limited to producing cold air in a small house or room, while HVAC has a duct system allowing cold and hot air to be distributed to all house areas.
  • An HVAC system has a ventilation element that rids the air of any impurities and rids any chances of mold, mildew, and other harmful toxins entering the home. It’s crucial to get routine maintenance on your system and thorough cleaning for your ventilation to prevent unwanted air filth and allow your system to work at its total capacity.

Choose your preferred AC and HVAC brand.

Why Choose Polar Air?

Polar Air has the most qualified and certified technicians in all the RGV. We offer all our services to be done promptly and efficiently, ensuring the best possible customer experience. Here is why no one can compete with Polar Air.

  • Commercial Food Equipment Service Association. Our technicians are CFESA certified. This means we are trained to not only repair HVAC but offer commercial kitchen repairs. We like to pride ourselves in the variety of services we have available.
  • We are a jack of all trades. We provide AC and HVAC inspections, repairs, replacement for commercial and residential properties. Plus, we install generators!
  • We offer financing for commercial and residential projects
  • Unlike our competitors, we believe everyone deserves to live in comfort, that’s why we offer finance options for both home and commercial needs.

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With a reputation in the Valley that support homeowners with the highest level of technician certification. Contact us today to get the help you need. We can answer all your questions for you.

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