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Financing Options for Commercial and Residential AC Service in McAllen

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There are many reasons you’d want to replace an old air conditioner for a new energy-efficient model. Getting an AC service in McAllen is one thing, but affording one is another. Or, if you own a business, it may be part of your annual maintenance. Regardless of the reason, you can finance your service with Polar Air!

We want to share our financing options for commercial and residential use.

Commercial Financing for AC Service in McAllen

We use, QuickSpark, an advanced payment technology that makes expensive items affordable. Pay for what you want in monthly installments. It’s easier to track your payments, and QuickSpark ensures your availability to purchase necessary equipment or appliances.


Who Qualifies for Commercial Financing?

No matter what financial situation you’re in, we’ve got you covered.

How Do I Apply?

Our simple electronic application can grant you instant credit within hours of submitting it. Whether you’re asking for $1000 or $100,000, we can help you. Apply in three steps:


Residential Financing for AC Service in McAllen

You can finance through us, so you don’t have to wait a while to get the needed heating and cooling services. Here is how you can apply.

To fill out an application with us, give us a call or click online.

Current Promotions

We also offer promotional discounts on AC service in McAllen:


Did you Know We Offer Free Estimations on AC Service in McAllen?

That’s right! Don’t let a broken fridge, AC, or HVAC unit be the end of the world. Contact us for a free estimate and financing options that fit your budget.

Why Polar Air?

We provide heating, cooling, refrigeration, and commercial kitchen services. Our prices tend to be lower than the competition, and the invoices have never been padded to profit the company at the owner’s expense.

We give you everything you need regarding residential and commercial services in the Rio Grande Valley, from installation to 24/7 repairs and maintenance. Our services are entirely unparalleled. Still unsure? We:


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Contact us for a free consultation and estimate. Get the HVAC, kitchen, and refrigeration services you deserve, and call or click today.

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