CFESA Certification Polar Air
CFESA Certification Polar Air
CFESA Certification Polar Air
CFESA Certification Polar Air
CFESA Certification Polar Air

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About Our CFESA Certification

Polar Air is one of a select few businesses in Texas to achieve a Commercial Food Equipment Service Association (CFESA) certification for our commercial refrigeration services. CFESA represents our dedication to training, resource sharing, and best business practices. To be certified is nothing short of an honor.

Membership and CFESA Certification for Commercial Refrigeration

There are 400+ members of CFESA, but only a select few reach top tier statuses with certification for commercial refrigeration. This is a testament to the work and dedication we embrace. Polar Air is one of about 30 companies who hold this honor. Attaining certification is very difficult and holding it may be even harder since renewal is required every three years.

The CFESA Commercial Refrigeration Process

Certification has requirements in five areas:


  • Education and training
  • Financial
  • Industry relations
  • Professionalism
  • Industry participation


Education and training include levels of certification in electricity, gas, refrigeration, and steam. Technicians employed for over two years need at least two CFESA certifications. At least 25% must be “master technicians” that hold certification in at least three of those categories.


Industry participation requires attendance at CFESA national conferences, contributing to the association in at least one of the various committees, and speaking at industry conferences. As for professionalism, a minimum level of insurance is compulsory with the company needing to exhibit it in good financial standing, and all work needs a 90-day parts and labor warranty.


Certification also requires membership to CFESA’s Board of Directors and contributions to the association’s magazine. Although this is not a comprehensive overview, it shows the rigorousness of the process.

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