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Everything You Should Know About Our CFESA Certification

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Polar Air is one of a select few businesses in Texas to achieve a Commercial Food Equipment Service Association (CFESA) certification. Don’t stall on getting commercial kitchen repairs in Brownsville, now to avoid equipment breakdowns during peak business hours.

What does CFESA Entail?

Being CFESA certified means being fully equipped to meet industry repair needs most proficiently and effectively possible. CFESA certification completion means expert knowledge in:

CFESA re-certifies those who are still a part of certified companies such as ourselves, and certifications last up to five years. We understand restaurant owners and those in food service require high-quality service, and Polar Air offers just that with our impeccable customer service and knowledge in the field thanks to CFESA. 

There’s 400+ members of CFESA, but only a select few reach top tier statuses with certification. This is a testament to the work and dedication we embrace. Polar Air is one of about 30 companies that hold this honor. Certification is difficult, and holding it may be even harder since renewal is required every five years.

How to Get Certified

We have intensive training and process to ensure our high standards are met. Here are the five required areas that must be mastered before receiving a certification.

 Technicians employed for over two years need at least two CFESA certifications. At least 25% must be “master technicians” that hold certification in at least three of those categories.

Being a part of the industry means taking part in CFESA conferences, and meetings, contributing to at least one of the committees and being a speaker at one of the conferences. 

We are devoted to keeping CFESA certifications just as we are devoted to our customers. We strive for high industry knowledge and care, that’s why we go above and beyond for the Commercial Food Equipment Service Association. 

CFESA Within Our Company

We want the best proficiency and understanding so we can answer all your commercial kitchen repair questions. It’s recommended that employees work for about a year before getting their certification as it helps give a better understanding with hands-on training.  

CFESA Has the Biggest Client Directory than Any Other Competitor

We at Polar Air want only the best for our customers. That’s why we have our staff learn from the best, and CFESA teaches them just that. Make an appointment with a certification holder that HVAC retailers trust the most, we will fix any commercial repair needed. 

What All Can Polar Air Service?

Our company is versatile with the service we offer, and repair the following kitchen equipment:

Polar Air CFESA certifications are pivotal to our narrative as we work hard to serve our customers. We have our staff take on these classes because it allows our universal understanding of a variety of brands and models such as:

Can I Afford Commercial Kitchen Repairs?

Maintenance for commercial kitchen repairs in Brownsville are very affordable, we even offer additional incentives.  

We understand the priority you have over your business, that’s why we attentively tend to our customers with urgency. Get the servicing repair you deserve.

Give Polar Air a Call for Commercial Kitchen Repair

Business owners, don’t let broken equipment ruin your day! Get a free estimate when you call or click today. Make the right and affordable choice by hiring McAllen’s favorite HVAC and Commercial Kitchen experts.

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