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3 Fall Tips for Air Conditioning Maintenance in McAllen

Cold fronts are finally on their way to the Rio Grande Valley, which means South Texas weather is about to get a little – unpredictable. So what does this mean for your air conditioner? You’ll still need to perform air conditioning maintenance in McAllen. Without regular maintenance, your AC unit or HVAC system will need repair down the road. 

We want to share three seasonal tips every home owner should be aware of coming into colder weather.

Routinely Check & Replace Your Filters

Who said spring cleaning was done once a year? Over time your air conditioning filter becomes dusty and riddled with soot, which means a change is needed, during the fall. There are several reasons why you must swap out your filters every 30-90 days.

  • Your AC unit may be put under intense strain and, in time, could permanently alter the efficiency at which you’re a/c runs.
  • You may also run into steeper energy bills, forcing your HVAC system to work double time to yield the same results. Don’t let your unit unionize against you, check and replace our filter today.
  • Dirty air filters mean that your loved ones are breathing air impurities that could pose potentially hazardous overtime, causing various discomforts such as an itchy throat, headaches, and dry eyes.


Turn the Thermostat Up

Unlike other Northern areas, the Rio Grande Valley doesn’t follow a stereotypical winter, and the transitionary weather period can be unpredictable.

  • Your unit may still have to be running due to the humidity and heat, so it’s best to raise your temperature a few degrees higher to help adjust your unit and keep your family comfortable in the colder months. 
  • Setting timers on your thermostat to stop once a specific temperature is reached will allow you to use less energy than needed and have more money in your pocket for the upcoming holidays.
  • Turn off you’re AC unit, open a window, or turn on a fan instead, will help you stay comfortable and keep the house fresh, and possibly save you money on your energy bill. 


Be Vigilant of Changing Weather

In Texas, you’ll hear “If you don’t like the weather, wait a minute.” Once temperatures reach the lower 70s, it’s best to turn off your system and expect to conserve energy and money. Colder month means it may be time to retire your unit until the mid to late spring season.

Air Conditioning Maintenance in McAllen is Still Necessary

These steps are not enough sometimes. If you have an older AC unit you may need an air conditioning maintenance in McAllen. We also offer inspections and regular maintenance. Getting an inspection early protects your unit from breaking down. 

AC units get cluttered with debris, and their coils can loosen during cold weather and harsh winds. Our professional can answer all your questions, and also offer:

  • Locked-in residential service rates.
  • Plans that can fit your budget type.
  • Discounts on repairs as well as products.


Not only do we have plans to fit your budget, but we also offer various discounts.

Finance AC Maintenance in McAllen 

Send us a message to inquire about financing your AC Maintenance in McAllen.  We also offer discounts for repairs and other air conditioning services. Our team of licensed professionals is trained to be able to conquer any task thrown their way. 

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