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7 Signs You Need Air Conditioning Replacement In Harlingen

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Living in South Texas, an A/C unit is more than just an air cooler, it’s a godsend! In the hottest days of the summer, its crucial for your air conditioning unit to be efficiently functioning. Not only should it keep cool, but in 100-degree weather it’s about survival. An A/C unit can last 10-15 years, but how do you know when it’s time for a change? Don’t wait until your unit taps out. Here are 7 easy signs that you may need to service your Air conditioning in Harlingen. 

Your Unit Is Leaking

Your A/C leakage may be caused by a clogged condensate drain line. Any failure to fix this issue can result to water-damage to the home as well as to your air-conditioning unit. Water damage in the house can create mold and pose greater health risks to your loved ones like allergens, irritants, and poisonous substances. Ask us for an inspection start taking the right steps forward and safeguard your family. 

Frequent Calls For Air Conditioning in Harlingen

If you’re having to regularly call for a fix it may mean you’re A/C’s ticker is almost up. Your repair bill can vary from a couple hundred to several thousands of dollars depending on what is needed to be fixed. Purchasing a new unit would help save more money and hassle than a dozen more repair calls.  

Your Ac Is Not Cooling 

One of the most obvious signs you need a new unit would be if you’re A/C is malfunctioning. If your air conditioning unit is shooting out warm air or only cools certain areas of the home, this may be caused by a clogged duct, and if this is a repetitive offense than it may be time to upgrade.

The Heat is too Hot

In South Texas, humid weather can speed up any AC unit’s lifespan. Even summer heat can weather a unit. If you’re closer to South Padre Island the salty air can also be destructive to your A/C.  Make sure you stay on top of maintenance and learn more about what climate conditions can erode your unit.

Higher Energy Bill

It’s always a hot one here in Texas, naturally you’re A/C will be working overtime in the summer causing your bill to be higher, but if you’re starting to noticeably see a substantial spike in your energy bill its time for change. The older the model the higher the bill and with gas prices on the rise and inflation through the roof, this is the last thing you want to worry about. 

Your Unit Is Causing a Ruckus

If your unit is making funny sounds or is too loud this might be caused by HVAC damage. Neglecting the unit can cause long-term damage, and if that’s the case your unit might

be a lost cause. Set up an appointment with us to avoid the noise complaints from the neighbors. 

You’re A/C Is 10+ Years

If well taken care of, yes, your unit can last longer, but after a while parts for older models, break down making it near impossible to keep one longer than its expiration date. Rid yourself of the outdated model and get a more modern unit for your wallet’s sake. 

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