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How to be Proactive in Preparing Your A/C for Hurricane Season with our AC Services in McAllen

AC Services in McAllen

It’s hurricane season and from June 1st to November 30th, it’s time to be better equipped and ready for the worst with our AC services in McAllen. You need to take charge and take care of you’re A/C unit, because if it is left running during a storm and there is a power outage or power surge, this could possibly fry your entire air conditioning unit. You can take preemptive measures to avoid this from happening, here’s how you can better prepare for the next hurricane Dolly. 

Adjust your Thermostat

You should unquestionably not run your air conditioning unit during any type of storm. Before the hurricane it’s keen to lower your thermostats temperature, so when the time comes to turn off your unit, your house will stay cooler for much longer. This allows you and your family to keep cool and calm during the hurricane. Wait until the National Weather Service or your local news station has released any type of statement that indicates that the hurricane has passed before turning your A/C back on. 

Call for AC Services in McAllen

It’s important to call us for your HVAC system’s maintenance to ensure its functioning correctly. This will give you your peace of mind that your system will survive the storm, and helps make any damages caused by the storm less costly. Repairs before the harsh weather will prevent additional distress on any damages your unit may already have. We can offer a full inspection on our own units and provide any questions or concerns you may have to guarantee your systems safety. 

Buy Surge Protectors for Your Protection

Surge protectors are a lifesaver. In case of a surprise storm, having a surge protector can help save your HVAC system from a power surge or outage. No matter how new or old your cooling system is any surge of power can either slowly deteriorate its functions or causes it to immediately and permanently expire. Don’t let the weather get the best of your unit, invest in a surge protector. 

Strap Down Your Air Conditioning Unit

Make sure your unit is secured before the stormy weather. Strap your unit in place, so it doesn’t get moved by the severe gusts. Try bolting your unit down or getting a cover for it.

Put Away Your Belongings

 You’re dealing with a lot more than just rain, harsh winds, and lightning; flying objects can be a great threat as well. Not only should you shield your unit and strap it down, but you should strap other objects like outside furniture, kids’ toys, BBQ pits, and other objects you may have in your backyard. With high winds these objects being hurled in the air can cause significant damage to anything that is in its way. Try placing miscellaneous outdoor items in a shed or garage, this will help protect your unit and prevent any damage to your other belongings.  

Although it’s important to keep your HVAC safe, your wellbeing comes first. Make sure you and your family have flashlights, non-perishables, and plenty of water during the storm. Close all windows and secure doors. Try to remain in the center of your home away from any windows, water taps, fireplaces doors, and electrical appliances. Create a strong safety plan with your family and be prepared. 

Give Us a Call for Pricing

We offer a 24/7 schedule service. Contact us for quotes, pricing and any lingering questions you may have about your air conditioning unit. Commercial or residential, we are here for you, contact us or call us at (956) 702-7375 and find us on Facebook for all your A/C needs.

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