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7 HVAC Service Tips for Optimal System Usage

With temperatures fluctuating, it’s important to keep your HVAC unit running smoothly. Keep your system working at its fullest capacity, and prevent unwanted permanent damage. Here is 7 HVAC service tips on how to maintain your unit and save yourself hundreds from calling a repairman.

Seal All Windows, Open Crevices, & Cracks

With the colder months here, it’s imperative to seal all openings in your house to prevent cold air from coming in. Don’t overwork your unit; keep the cold air out and retain the warm air in your home by simply caulking or taping all open spaces. 

Change Your Air Filters

Your filter’s life expectancy varies with size. Smaller filters may require a change every three months while larger sized filters may require a change every size to twelve months. When neglected, your unit may face unwanted stress and work twice as hard to get to the desired temperature; this means higher electricity bills and less holiday spending money. Not only do you save money but rid your home’s breathable air of impurities that may be clogging your airways.

Use Some Fans When Weather Cools 

Replacing your AC with box or portable fans, will alleviate some weighted pressure off your fan and keep your house at the right temperature. During colder months, putting fan blades counterclockwise will run the air up and keep the warm air down leaving behind a comfortable temperature. 

 Cover Up the Windows with More than Just Sealant

Curtains, coverings, blinds, and tinfoil can keep the sun out on those hotter days. Reduce energy costs by simply leaving your curtains closed. The less sun peering into the home means the lesser the energy usage to keep your home cool. When colder unblock the sun and let your home embrace the heat to help aid more warmth in the home. 

Keep Ventilation Open

Prevent unit damage or failure by closing all vents in one location of the home. 

Your system was created to cover every duct and airway through your home, but when blocked off in a single location this allows for less work for the unit and more warmth or cooling (depending on what temperature you desire) to flood your location. 

Get a HVAC Update with a Smart Thermostat

We can’t always be at home changing the temperature throughout the day, to make things easier try upgrading your thermostat with a smart thermostat that can adjust settings for you. Save energy while you’re away from home with a pre-programmable setting or with a click of a button on your phone. 

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Call an Experienced HVAC Service Repair Crew for a Routine Maintenance

Need a routine check-up on your unit? Call the Heating and Cooling specialists  

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Why is HVAC Maintenance Crucial? 

Taking care of your unit is key. If not regularly maintained or checked, your can expect a

  • Poor working unit
  • Raised Energy Bills
  • Frequent Repair Calls
  • Permanent Damage to Unit (May Cause Need for Replacement)

Polar Air Has Got You Covered

We offer a variety of HVAC services from replacement and repair on HVAC, commercial kitchen repair, commercial refrigeration, and generator Polar Air has everything you need to keep your family comfortable and your business running properly.

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We have everything you need to help you get your system fixed and operating at its fullest capacity. For all your HVAC needs, call Polar Air today and see why we are the best at what we do. Polar Air is here for you.

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