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4 Tips to Maintain Your HVAC in McAllen Power Through Fall Weather

4 Tips to Maintain Your HVAC in McAllen Power Through Fall Weather Polar Air

Cooler weather is on it’s way, and while this may mean lower costs to your electricity bill, you can keep potential costs down by improving your maintenance routine for your HVAC in McAllen. Prevent your unit from breaking down by not neglecting your HVAC unit. We want to share a few ways you can maintain your system this season.

Don’t Prolong the Yardwork

Cutting the grass is a strenuous task everyone prolongs, but maybe you should find a new motivation to tackle it. Saving hundreds on repair costs. Shrubbery, tall grass, and other unkept greenery can poke through your HVAC system and cause system failure or shortened functions of its capabilities. Ensure your system does all its necessary functions by keeping your yard neat and tidy.

Strap Down Everything that Can’t Fit In Your Shed

Not everything can fit in your shed. Use ratchet straps, stake down or anchor items such as trampolines, BBQ pits, pools, outdoor furniture and other big items should be properly strapped before a storm occurs. Don’t let your fountain bird feeder be the reason your a/c goes under. Strap down and secure your treasured belongings.

Remove Impurities from Your HVAC in McAllen

Clean your unit and rid it of any garbage that may cause damage to your unit. Whether you’re taking out leaves, sticks, and muds from the outdoor unit or changing filters indoors to rid the air of unhealthy impurities that may be lurking in your ventilation system; prevent your system from being overworked or breaking.

Don’t Overwork Your System

Ensure your HVAC system in McAllen doesn’t break down, by not overworking your system. Don’t strain your system by turning the thermostat on and off repeatedly. This can lead to:

Consider Investing in a Generator

You don’t want to be without power this season. We highly recommend homeowners investing in a generators so you don’t have to be in the dark. Our preferred generator are from top -of- the line brands that are powerful enough to keep your whole place running.

24/7 Service 7 Days a Week

At Polar Air, we believe in the importance of service, family, and compassion. We understand your need for repairs or fixes in dark times, that’s why we offer 24/7 service to all our customers. Don’t let costs be the reason you risk your A/C from functioning correctly, discounts and financing are available.

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